Shiva Trilogy by Amish Tripathi

Book 1 - The Immortals Of Meluha "Hate is not the opposite of Love. It is apathy." - Amish Tripathi, The Immortals of Meluha (Shiva Trilogy, 1) I read this book a few years ago, but can recall the eagerness to read a book written by an Indian author. The Immortals of Meluha, the first... Continue Reading →

Amidst The Rain And Thunder, I Lost Him

Snoozing the alarm clock, I pulled up my blanket and turned towards the window with a smile. A crimson hue radiated my cheeks brighter and the pounding heart struggled hard with the light, rhythmic rain drops. A strange mingle of excitement and fear, I jumped up and started dancing on the bed, swirling and swaying... Continue Reading →

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (Robert Langdon #3)

"Those of Light healed, protected, and sought to bring order to the universe. Those of Dark functioned oppositely...bringing destruction and chaos." - Dan Brown, The Lost Symbol (Robert Langdon, 3) A thriller chasing an ancient power existing amidst the land of Washington D.C., centred with the strong emotions and vengeance of Solomons' and the protagonist... Continue Reading →

Let Me Be Here

Let me be here for a while. Let me soak in the shades of the dusk and disappear in the unfathomed skyline. This moment hauls all my agony, fatigue and loneliness. I am running, running from everything that follows me.. my past, those people who look into my soul, and.. And my shadow. Those things... Continue Reading →

Vanilla Loaf Cake

The Redolent Eggless Vanilla Cake imbuing the house, suffusing your senses and make you yearn for one more slice. I believe, everyone has that one recipe at which they marvel. This is my such recipe. You blindfold me, or ask me to bake in my sleep, the result will be a dense and decadent Eggless... Continue Reading →

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